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Childen's Wooden Stool Interiors and Christmas Stock
(Contains 28 photos)
Handmade Beam Beams suitable for fireplaces
(Contains 2 photos)
Handmade wooden beams which make amazing fireplaces.
Feather-edge Fencing Timber
(Contains 18 photos)
Leather Chairs Office Supplies
(Contains 3 photos)
Artificial Turf
(Contains 8 photos)
Fantastic quality- from £14.99 per sq.m
Rolls come in 2m and 4m wide
Vintage 1950s Bow Fronted Wardrobe Furniture
(Contains 17 photos)
Padded Chair Chairs
(Contains 11 photos)
Indoor and Outdoor Chairs
Railway Sleepers
(Contains 3 photos)
Thick Indian Stone Stones
(Contains 11 photos)
Various PVC Doors PVC Windows and Doors
(Contains 3 photos)
Old Ridge Tiles/Copings £2 each Roofing Materials
(Contains 6 photos)
Mot, Grit Sand, Top Soil
(Contains 0 photos)
MOT: £30 per ton
Grit Sand: £24 per ton
Top Soil: £30 per ton
Hand Made Bricks 55p each Bricks
(Contains 2 photos)
Hand Made Beams for over Fireplace Fireplaces
(Contains 3 photos)
(Contains 3 photos)
1941 Fire Extinguisher - Reed and Campbell Miscellaneous
(Contains 13 photos)
£30 Garden Ornaments
(Contains 13 photos)
Various Second Hand Flags Flags
(Contains 1 photo)
Site Images
(Contains 22 photos)